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Bring classic film cameras into the digital age using your iPhone.


Patented in Japan.Patented in U.S.A

International patent (PCT) pending.

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September 17, 2022 Article in IT media about the evolution of digiswap.

November 30, 2022. Prototype for Hasselblad has been completed and crowdfunding has begun.

April 25, 2023 Adapters for Hasselblad are now available for pre-order.
Feb 15, 2024 Digiswap 35mm software will be compatible with iPhone 14 and 15 series. update will be available from Feb 19, 2024. Please note that there are some precautions for installation

How to use theDIGI SWAP adapter and app

Things to prepare

① Film camera

② iPhone (X~15proMax)

Care must be taken when installing the 14pro, 14proMAX, 15pro and 15proMAX. Please see here.

③ DIGI SWAP adapter and app

Attach the DIGI SWAP

adapter to the film camera.

Attach your iPhone, with app installed to the DIGI SWAP adapter


Let's start shooting!

アンカー 1

Still image sample

Canon New F1 50mmMACRO


Still image sample

Canon New F1 50mmMACRO


Still image sample

Canon New F1 50mm

Video sample

Nikon F2+NIKKOR-S F=50mm

Video sample

Nikon F2+NIKKOR-S F=50mm



Next, use your iPhone to turn your classic film camera into a digital camera.


Transform your Film camera into a Digital camera

The main parts are machined aluminum


X,XS,XS MAX,XR,SE(snd),11,11pro,11proMAX,

12,12mini,12pro,12proMAX,13,13mini,13pro,13proMAX,14,14plus,14pro,14proMAX,15,15plus,15pro,15proMAX Available at . There are some installation instructions for 14pro, 14proMAX, 15pro, and 15proMAX. Please check here.

Designed to be attached to various film cameras

Hello (again)

This is the catchphrase when the iMac first appeared in the world.

It was the moment the Mac came back.


Hello (again)

Next, use your iPhone to turn your classic film camera into a digital camera.

Classic film cameras are no longer used as often in the digital age.


Film cameras and lenses are celebrated gear that enable the best mechanical functions to capture images.

Use DIGI SWAP to upcycle your film camera to a digital camera.

I want future generations to understand how precious film cameras are and with this in mind, we have developed a patented adapter and application that works in conjunction with the original optics, shutter, focus, and aperture of the classic film camera.

Adapter & application "DIGI SWAP" brings film cameras into the digital age using your iPhone

This amazing system is Patented in Japan with an International patent (PCT) pending.

-The captured images have a color similar to that of a film camera photo.

-No film required. The images are saved onto your iPhone.

-The shutter speed, control focus, and aperture are set on the film camera with DIGI SWAP working together with the film camera and your iPhone to shoot and capture images and video. The feeling and excitement is incredible.


Adapter for LEICA M  (Sold separately)

This is a special adapter for LEICA M film cameras.

It can be used with M2, M3, etc.

The main body is machined from aluminum, and the DIGI SWAP adapter can be attached using the tripod screw holes on the camera.


Bring classic film cameras into the digital age using your iPhone.

Not only for 35mm Film cameras, but also DIGI SWAP adapters for medium format cameras such as Hasselblad are under development.

Please tune in to see all of the groundbreaking adapters we are planning to bring to market that digitize celebrated gear.

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